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About Me

Chris Brazel International Trainer and Best selling Author of several books.  She teaches and writes about the energy connection of the Mind, Body and Your Environment.  What the mind thinks the body feels and your environment reflects.

Chris Brazel is well known for her fun way to acvhieving what you want in life.  She is colourful, energetic and magnetic.  From the moment you meet her your life will never be the same again.

Over the past 19 years Chris Brazel has developed the most unique Access Coding in the world.  She can code you within minutes and tell you everything about your life, what you are thinking, health problems, how you go with finances.  She knows you inside out.  Most people say it is so fricky when you stand there and she virtually tells you what you are thinking, feeling.  What you are going through – the most amzing thing it is so accurate and better still she shows you how to create the change.


You May Have Seen Me In: 

Access Coding

Access Coding

The most powerful tool you can ever work with. Access Coding gives you the answers. Not only gives you the answers it can give you the action steps to create the change you desire.  It can show you how to manifest and attract what you want in life or business. Access Coding teaches you the energy connection of  the mind, body and environment.  You can virtually map out what has happened and what is happening and see all the conenctions. 

Access Coding gives you the power to live an amazing life. It gives you the tools to work with to create change in your life and to create the future that you desire.

It shows you the perfect way to train your brain to manifest and attract what you want.

It gives you answers to win with health problems, why you may have attracted the health problem in the first place and how best to create a positive mind set to get back into total health and fitness.

Access Coding and semiotics gives you the answers to why your business may not be flowing or attracting the clients your want. It is brilliant in guiding you to kick start your business in the perfect energy flow to ensure success.

Now is the perfect time to understand you the person. What comes naturally how to maximise your natural talents. How to be in the perfect place at the perfect time – serendipity the fun and easy way where you create the adventure.


Work with Chris Brazel

My work is unique, powerful and best of all every day I get to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  My passion is being about to help someone find their true purpose in life.  How to take a passion and turn it into profit and wealth.


I work with individuals, groups, small to large businesses, families and one of my favourites the kids.

You can work with me one on one for come and join one of my courses retreats or you can come and join my International WOW Club. It is awesome, fun and best of all you get to meet others on the same conscious choice living as you.


Your Business

Business Energy Codes & Semiotics

How to code, create and brand your business for success.
What you think and believe about your business will come through in the semiotics and branding of your business

Your Home

Your Home = You & Your Thoughts

ou are a product of your environment You create it subconsciously. .It reflects your moods, attitude and feelings about life.

Your Life

Know You to be You

Access Coding gives you the answers to what is happening in your life.
Answers for the past and the ultimate way to create the best future ever

Courses & Bootcamps

You can work with me online or in person.  

Bootcamps and Training Courses are held every six weeks in NSW and QLD.  

I have a large range of online courses to create change in your life or business.

My courses all include Access Coding, Brain Training on how to achieve the goals that you desire.

If you would like to do what I do then give me a call and I can show you how you can use my systems and methods to create the business of your dreams.


Heals and Empowers


Connecting to the Spiritual

New York

Dancing in the Streets 


Join me at WOW Yes! I did.

2020 – This is going to be one roller coaster of a year.  I am super excited as I know when you have stability and a plan you win.

The aim of the game will be putting a plan into place.  Breaking away from a pattern or a habit that is not serving you.  Connecting to your heart and to your passion.

This year will be the year where you will see many ups and downs.  People looking for a new way of life and a new way of living.  People will be more community conscious.  They will stop tolerating people, ideas and rules which do not serve them or humanity.

2020 is a year where you feel you are out of the coffin which has been holding you back.  You are free.

This is your year if you choose it to be.  Move from the material and into the power of being heart and earth connected.  When you take care of our earth the earth will take care of us.



Work with Chris Brazel

Are you ready to create the changes you know you want in your life or business?

Let me Access Code you and your business and show you how easy change can be.

We will work mind, body and enviornment.  

I am ready to help you reach full potential.  Life is time.  It is importnat to make the most of both life and time.